Investment Strategy

MidOcean Partners employs a sector-focused investment strategy coupled with a relationship-oriented management methodology.

MidOcean Partners identifies opportunities in sectors chosen based on macro- and micro-trends. This sector specialization enables MidOcean's investment professionals to create unique investment themes, identify and develop relationships with talented operators and management teams and originate compelling investment opportunities.

MidOcean Partners adds value to each portfolio company by providing input into long-term strategic direction, operational insight, organic growth opportunities, and strategic acquisition ideas.

As part of its sector-focused strategy, MidOcean Partners has developed a Management Affiliate approach to leverage established relationships with industry executives who are involved in all stages of deal generation, execution, and operation. This Management Affiliate methodology provides an exceptional base of operational expertise and support to the MidOcean Partners investment team and their portfolio companies, ensuring that management teams have the necessary tools and knowledge to refine strategies and expand operations.